Our experience

Our experience

Accord Research and its management team have strong experience and expertise in many therapeutic indications including, oncology, cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, gastroenterology, CNS diseases, infectious diseases, immunology, ophthalmology and paediatrics. This experience and expertise is extended through the full clinical development cycle across all study phases I – IV. We are also capable of providing our services in many other indications.

Our vast in-depth experience is based on a strong company history of managing highly successful clinical trials and by selecting and employing experienced professionals of the highest quality in the business.  

Our doctors have industry experience in a range of specializations and are an integral part of our scientific and clinical research team.   

Accord Research has a first class reputation of strong links with key academic sites and experienced investigators in many therapeutic areas across Europe, the US and the Asia Pacific region.

We are highly skilled in all aspects of clinical trial development and are therefore in the best position to propose the best solutions for our clients.


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