Tomas Scheiner

Head of Clinical Project Management

Tomas Scheiner joined Accord Research in February 2016 as Project Director. He became Head of Clinical Project Management department in July 2016 and he is responsible for leading and supporting Project Managers running the clinical trials of Accord Research. Tomas is ultimately responsible for delivery of the clinical trials to sponsor.

Tomas received Ph.D. in Biochemistry at Institute of Chemical Technology (VŠCHT) in Prague in 2004.

Tomas has over 15 years of drug development experience including 12 years of CRO and pharmaceutical industry experience and 6 years of hematological biochemical research experience. During this time he has gained considerable experience and knowledge in clinical trial monitoring activities, in clinical team management and in clinical project management.

Prior to taking up his role at Accord Research Tomas worked in a large global CRO with career starting as Clinical Research Associate to (Clinical) Project Manager positions. Further Tomas worked as Project Director in Czech biotechnology company leading its pivotal clinical trial.

Tomas core experience is in management of clinical trials of phases I - IV in multiple therapeutic areas with main focus on oncology.